Live at Dock One

Homes at Dock One will reflect and build on the rich industrial heritage of Port Adelaide, with modern interpretations through innovative thinking and fresh ideas. With a choice of waterfront or park-facing outlooks, all will enjoy a serene and peaceful setting with easy walking access to beautifully landscaped open spaces.

Be part of a new community

Community and social connection will be at the heart and soul of Dock One. Designed to bring people together, Dock One will be a place to belong, to make new friends and neighbours, to get to know your local businesses, shops and bars.

Location, location

Dock One offers the unique opportunity to live within one of the last underdeveloped waterfront dock areas in Australia. With homes and walkways giving direct access to the dock promenade, and conveniently located next to the shops, bars and cultural precincts of Port Adelaide, residents of Dock One can also take advantage of the new train link into the city …

Respecting the past

With a unique vision, we’re reconnecting the distinct and unique heritage of Dock One with the future – we’re enhancing a place beaming with potential and bringing it to life. Dock One homes will reflect the rich industrial heritage of Port Adelaide through style and use of materials.

Dock One

Dock One
3 Wauwa St, Port Adelaide SA 5015, Australia

Dock One Sales Centre

Todd Street, Port Adelaide 5015 

Wed to Sun 10am - 4pm 

Dock One City Sales Centre

152 Wright Street, Adelaide 5000

Thurs to Sat 11am - 2pm


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