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Sense of identity

Historic Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide’s rich history is one of a bustling harbour and gateway for thousands of migrants settling in the promising new colony of South Australia. Today the Port boasts one of the state’s best concentrations of colonial buildings, including the Lighthouse landmark, with views reaching to the coast and Mount Lofty Ranges.

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Dock One

The past arrival of ships at Dock One created a hive of activity with goods being loaded onto vessels and settlers passing through to start their new life. The new streets names will link to this past by reflecting the ports of call along the shipping route of the Orient Line. New homes will complement the industrial heritage of the Port Adelaide through architecture and choice of materials.

A sense of identity

The Dock One visual identity is inspired by the shapes within the shipping International Code of Signals. The logo use colours from the local environment, including the blues of the water and tones found in the wonderwalls throughout Port Adelaide.

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