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Dock One: New Life By The Water

by Starfish Developments | 18 Jan 2019

Dock One: New Life By The Water

Starfish Developments has today unveiled the visual identity for its new master-planned community development at Port Adelaide along with exclusive drone footage that shows the site footprint and extent of ground works now completed.

Managing director Damon Nagel says that the ground preparation has been an engineering feat.

“Our next priority is to start building the retaining walls to protect against coastal floods and in particular, the ‘one-in-a-hundred-year’ floods identified by the Environment Protection Agency,” said Damon.

This safety net, due to be completed by the end of December this year, means that the ground level of the housing, roads and parks of Dock One will sit slightly higher than the immediate surroundings, with the reassuring benefit that Dock One residents will be high and dry should flooding occur.

The drone footage indicates the layout of the roads, laneways and extensive park links throughout Dock One. The masterplan includes ramps for wheelchair access and only one main road, with the remaining car access through service laneways. The priority is on pedestrians with a tranquil and convenient lifestyle close to the water and the vibrancy of Port Adelaide.

Branding for Dock One is inspired by the International Code of Signals used on shipping flags to communicate important messages between boat and shore. The Code is still used today and can be found onboard the Starfish-sponsored Archie Badenoch at Port Adelaide, as well as featuring in wall art in Port Adelaide.

Taking a modern slant, the design of each letter in the Dock One logo reflects the geometric shapes of flags within the Code, yet adopts the softer colour tones from local wall art.

Bold and dynamic, to match the energy in the development, the logo can be deconstructed and re-joined to represent the diversity of Dock One, with old and new architecture and a new community coming together.

The 750-home development, complete with bars and restaurants, is scheduled to launch in the new year. There has been an unprecedented level of interest in the first release, which will consist of two and three bedroom townhouses with a park or water front outlook. All will offer the best of maritime living.