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Best Sights and Activities in Port Adelaide | Port River, Art, Historic Township

by Starfish Developments | 15 Apr 2021

Best Sights and Activities in Port Adelaide | Port River, Art, Historic Township

Who wouldn’t want to live in beautiful, historical, culturally-rich Port Adelaide?

Living at Dock One means you have unprecedented access to the Port River, Wonderwalls art, the historic Port Adelaide township, and much more. Find yourself amongst Port Adelaide's vibrant sights. Take a minute to read about some of the amazing sights and activities you’ll be able to experience at the Port.

Beautiful Waterfront Views of the Port River

Have you ever walked along the Port River during sunrise or sunset to see the stunning colours reflected in the water? It’s a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to live in Port Adelaide. At Dock One, you can enjoy views of the water from our very own waterfront promenade. Take a sunset walk along the water’s front and explore the boat docks along the river. You’ll fall in love with where you live all over again.

Explore the Wonderwalls Art

Port Adelaide was home to the Wonderwalls Art street art festival for three years, bringing talented and diverse artists to the city to create art through the streets. Now, you can follow the Wonderwalls trail throughout the city and lose yourself in the vibrant works of art as you explore your new neighbourhood. Check out the map here.

Explore the Deep Heritage of Historic Port Adelaide

Contrasting the modern waterfront living at Dock One, Port Adelaide has a rich history and endless historical architecture, and old remnants of the city’s shipping past scattered around. Walk around the historic township to discover well-preserved 19th-century buildings and industrial warehouses (reflected in the design of Dock One’s Warehouse Apartments). Our Port has mapped out different routes you can take to explore the historic township of Port Adelaide.

Visit the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

Living at Dock One means you could have dolphins as your new neighbours! The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is a protected marine park for sea lions and dolphins, located along the shoreline of the Port River. You can spot them from the promenade or visit the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary for an incredible experience. You’ll be treated to lush mangrove trees along the shoreline and then kayak through the sanctuary to see the sea lions and dolphins up close.

Experience New Life by the Water

Are you ready to make your waterfront dreams a reality? Your new life by the water starts at Dock One. Click here to learn more about the homes available.