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New Community

Be part of a community

Community and social connection will be at the heart and soul of this new development in Port Adelaide. Designed to bring people together, Dock One will be a place to belong, to make new friends and neighbours, and to get to know your local businesses, shops and bars, now and into the future.

Old and new

Dock One celebrates the old and the new. At our request, the last remaining customs house has been saved, refurbished, and invested in to become our Sales and Information Centre. The iconic Marine and Harbour building is being repurposed into a boutique hotel, featuring an onsite restaurant with courtyard dining and an outdoor firepit. The original community garden will be rebuilt within the development's linear park for all to enjoy.

Unique lifestyle

With abundant open space and waterfront access, Dock One will encompass a tranquil neighbourhood where the green of the surrounding parks and gardens meet the blue of the port and nearby dolphin sanctuary.

The new vibe at the port

The opportunities are boundless for this historic precinct – with many private and government operators already investing in new business, building developments, and creating jobs. New bars, cafes, pubs, and retail shops are beginning to emerge. These start-ups and refurbishments are embracing the Port.

Investing in the community

Starfish supports the growth and development of Port Adelaide by investing in community programs. These include:

  • The Archie Badenoch passenger boat
  • The Port's Community Arts Centre
  • Port Adelaide Football Club Heartlands Project and others