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Live at Dock One

New Life by the Water

Driven by contemporary design and a respect for the past, Dock One is a new waterfront property development in Port Adelaide. We've created architecturally designed homes inspired by local history, art, and culture in an environment that delivers a special lifestyle opportunity.


With a unique vision, we’re reconnecting heritage with the future – taking a place of potential, and building one of pride - a place where those who live, work, and invest can belong to an engaging and diverse community.


Homes at Dock One reflect and build on the rich industrial heritage of Port Adelaide through style and use of materials. Our modern interpretation is based on innovative thinking and fresh ideas.

Maritime Living

With abundant open space and waterfront access, Dock One will encompass a tranquil neighbourhood where the green of the surrounding parks and gardens meet the blue of the water and nearby dolphin sanctuary. Homes and walkways give direct access to the waterfront promenade, allowing residents and visitors to easily enjoy the Port's maritime culture.

Unique Lifestyle

Dock One residents are instantly well-connected to the community, with a multitude of unique local shops, cafes, pubs and bars just a short walk away. Art and history surround Dock One, and the contrast of old and new create a beautiful vibrancy for residents and visitors alike.